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Yfbattery 48V 51.2V LiFePO4 DIY Battery Box 16S 200A JK Inverter BMS 2A Active Balancer
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16S 200A JK Inverter BMS
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Product Model:KESHE H5115 16S 200A DIY Battery Box with JK 2A Active Balancer
Suitable Battery:
For LiFePO4 Cells EVE 280Ah/304Ah
CATL 280Ah/310Ah/320Ah
BMS: 16S1P 200A, Bluetooth APP
Active Balancer :JK 2A Active Balancer
Battery Pack Type: Server Rack Battery box,stackable type, up to 15 batteries in parallel
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
BMS Functions:
Over charge protection, Over discharge protection, Over current protection, Cell balancing, Temperature protection CAN and RS485 communication
Maximum discharge current: 200A (-20°C~60°C; 65±20%RH)
Discharge cut-off voltage: 40.0 V Battery standard cut-off voltage
Communication protocol: CAN/RS485/RS232
BMS Warranty: 2years
Gross Weight: 27kgs
Dimension: 810*428*258mm

Packing List
1 * Battery Case (Bottom case, Front Bracket, 2*Top Bracket, Front Panel,Top cover)1.5mm thick black iron box, size: 810*428*257.5mm
4* Carrying handles
1*JK BMS 16s 200A with 2A active balancer, 300*100mm, with RS232/485/CAN protocol,
1*touch LCD display
1 set*Sampling PCB size: 578*46*1.5mm, welded M8 ring terminal wire, wire length 85mm.A+B boards
2*Sampling terminal wire 2.54 male terminal 13P to 2.0 with buckle 7P+6P (1007-22 No.-370MM long)
1*B-Terminal Wire M8 terminal split two M6*2 terminal wires, black 3239AWG6# wire length respectively 330/310mm
1*B+ terminal wire M8 terminal double wire to M6 terminal wire, red 3239AWG6# wire length 300mm*2
1*P-Terminal line M6 terminal split out two M6 * 2 terminal line, black 3239AWG6 # wire length 220/200mm respectively
1*C-terminal line M8 terminal double line to M8 terminal line, black 3239AWG6 # line length 80mm * 2
1*Power switch 16H flat metal reset switch
2*Terminal block 200A terminal block black, WL-CNT-250-C-B
2*Terminal Block 200A Terminal Block Red, WL-CNT-250-C-R
1*Parallel fixing piece 1.5mm black iron piece, straight piece:2pcs+bent piece:2pcs
8*EVA Cotton Single Side Adhesive 200*170*5mm
4*EVA cotton Single side adhesive backing 60*25*1mm
2*Epoxy board Size: 606*175*1mm
2*Epoxy board Size: 600*40*1mm, 8 oval holes in the center
28*Epoxy board Size: 200*20*2mm
4*Epoxy plate Size: 604*18*0.5mm

DownLoad the software and installation guide:

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Yfbattery 48V 51.2V LiFePO4 DIY Battery Box 16S 200A  JK Inverter BMS 2A Active Balancer