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DIY 51.2V Battery Kit Active Balancer Power Lithium Ion Cells Case 200A Solar System
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Battery Type:280/302/304Ah Cell
Material: Stainless Steel
Communication: CANBUS and RS485(accept both)
BMS: 48V 16S BMS
Nominal Voltage:51.2V
Current 200A
Warranty:2 Years
Battery Pack Type: Stackable
OEM/ODM: Available
Stackable Type:up to 14 batteries 

Parts List(does not come with the battery cells)

1 * Battery Case (Bottom case, Front Bracket, 2*Top Bracket, Front Panel,Top cover)
10 * Epoxy board(Between cell and the case)
2 * PCB Board(with sheet copper wires) for BMS and Cells Connection+2*matched EVA Tape
1 * Weak electric switch
1 * 48V 16S BMS+2*BMS wires+1*adapter+fuse
1 * LCD Screen+1*LCD Screen wire+4 * Button Cap
4 * Battery Terminals (P+ Terminal and P- Terminal)
5* Long Flexible busbars (BMS connection)
15 * Flexible busbars (Cell connection)
4 * Handle
4 * Upper and Lower Latch lock
10 * EVA Tape (Between cells) and epoxy board
Other Small Accessories


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Questions and answers:

Q: Which BMS is in the 48V/51.2V battery box?
A: We use the 200A BMS in the box with CAN/RS485 communication.

Q: If I want to build a 48V server rack system, what should I choose? A: It depends on how much capacity you want, our battery box can be stacked up to 15 sets.

Q: Can I buy the finished 48v server rack battery?
A: Sure, since our battery box doesn't include the cells, please leave us a message if you want the finished battery system.

Q: How do I set up the system?
A: The battery system can be connected to a PC, and you can set and manage the whole system on your computer.

Q: I have my own logo, can I print my logo on the battery?
A: Yes, we accept logo customization, but need large quantities (>10 sets). If you like any samples, please feel free to contact

DIY 51.2V Battery Kit Active Balancer Power Lithium Ion Cells Case 200A Solar System