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LiFePO4 EVE LF280K Grade A Battery LFP 3.2 V 280Ah Double hole busbar Rechargeable Cell For Solar Energy RV EV DIY 12V 24V 48V 72VBattery pack
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Grade-A EVE LF280K Double hole terminal
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The brand new, Grade A EVE LF280K cells are guaranteed to match in voltage, capacity, and internal resistance, ensuring optimal performance. With flexible bus-bars and 4 nuts and bolts included, installation is a breeze. The nickel-plated copper components provide excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Battery Specification

Nominal voltage: 3.2V
Standard capacity: 280Ah
Battery size (Not include the studs):
Height: 207.2±0.5 mm
Length: 173.7±0.5 mm
Thickness: 72.0±1.0 mm
Center distance of pole: 123.00 mm ± 0.30 mm
Weight: 5420 g±300 g
Charge voltage: 3.65V
Cut-off voltage: 2.5V
AC internal resistance: ≤0.25mΩ
Standard charge current: 0.5C
Max. charge current: 1C
Standard discharge current: 0.5C
Max Continuous discharge current: 1C
Operating Temperature: -20~60℃
25℃ Standard Cycle: 6000 Cycles


We EVE LF280K battery is brand new and of Grade A quality. It comes with a QR code serial number and a factory inspection report that allows you to trace its origin.
If you require Check a data report, please feel free to contact us.

If you need Check EVE LF280K Battery Testing Reports ,Please click the link below

EVE LF280K Battery Testing Reports


The warranty period is 5years from the date you receive.
We only replace new cell for free due to the failure of manufacturing.
Before the shipment, we will detect the cell voltage/resistance/appearance and other issues. we can only ensure that single cell is good before the shipment.
When arrival you can test the cells within 1 week, if you found problems please contact us for refund or replace. Any return behavior buyers need to be responsible for shipping fee.


Please read carefully all the description before taking orders, the battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience, people who are not familiar with the safe use of lithium battery knowledge, please go to our shop to buy the finished product.

DIY battery pack must get the cells balanced (same voltage ) before assembly.
And we don’t accept refund for buyers who don’t know how to assembled or unbalanced assembly.

Please use the correct BMS during assembly. We don’t accept refund for the problem caused during assembly process or after the assembly. Such as not use the BMS, the BMS connected to the wrong wire lead to battery damage, charger failure, the assembly error or unbalanced assembly, etc.

Before assembling, please make sure use the same capacity cell and use the same brand of the cell. It is forbidden to mix cells with different capacity and brand in the same battery system. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for quality assurance.


Solar energy storage, solar power system, UPS supply, Engine starting battery, Electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, Golf trolley/carts, RV, EV, Caravan So on

LiFePO4 EVE LF280K Grade A Battery LFP 3.2 V 280Ah Double hole busbar Rechargeable Cell For Solar Energy RV EV DIY 12V 24V 48V 72VBattery pack